Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, since Shawn had to stay in the Valley for his time off, we didn't get to spend our vacation money, so instead of saving it for a time when we could vacation, we bought some other stuff.

A piano for me and the kids

and a pull up bar for Shawn. I'll have to post those pictures later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter the real thing

I am trying to break up my blogs a little, so there aren't a million photos from different occasions, so make sure you look at all the new posts. (3 so far-I think) Although I know this one has a ton of pictures, but they are all from the same day, so here goes! Enjoy.

We colored eggs sunday morning, but i took those pictures on Momma's camera, so I will have to get those from her later. Getting dressed for church.
After church, way past nap time, hence the pacifier. And we forgot blankie for church, so AJ was pretty restless.
Scriptures in one hand, jelly beans from nursery in the other hand!
Best picture of Savanna and Daddy.

Best picture of mommy and AJ.

Mom, we are SO done with pictures!

Some little gifts for the occasion.

Trying to eat all the candy, so we could go hunt for eggs.
Patiently waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

Ready to go!

Waiting to hunt eggs! Aunt Mariah

This is Savanna's 2nd egg.

And AJ's first!

Helping out!

AJ trying to climb down the stairs after he found an egg.

He wanted to carry both baskets at the same time.



With grandma's beautiful flowers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter. . .

My husband wants me to come watch a movie with him, so you will have to wait for Easter photo. . . Just one little peek!

Baby Lambs and a gentleman cowboy!

Words cannot describe this better than these pictures.

Tired?!?!?! Princess

I think my little girl was tired. . . She's been skipping her nap the last week or so, probably since Shawn got back, and I guess this day she was tired. When asked why she slept in the garage in the bottom of the stroller-she said, "so AJ wouldn't wake her up!"