Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crazy Kiddos

When I woke up this morning and opened the blinds, I saw a package on the front porch! So, I told Savanna to go look outside, so she brought it in. What a surprise. An early Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Rhinehart (and family). Which we really needed because we are all freezing out here. I didn't realize how much colder than Vegas it is. . . Well, I knew it would be cold, but I just didn't think about packing extras like gloves and hats!

This is a picture of the kids game that we made. This one is the example. We used contact paper on frozen juice can lids and stickers on the other side to make a matching game. Then put a hole in the top of a peanut butter jar to hold the pieces. AJ thought the game was just fine being a dump out and put back in the jar game!

AJ taking out his superman hat!

AJ trying to get what's inside. I guess these pictures are a little backwards in order! HAHA

Savanna showing me her gloves!

Savanna helping AJ to open his present.

Well. . . Today has been one of those days! First of all to start the day. Savanna comes out of her room with a cup of apple juice that has been in her room for a while. She says to me, "mommy, that apple juice is nasty. I tried it and it tastes like apple juice sprite!" I guess you can all know what that means! I'm giving my kids fermented apple juice to drink! Haha. Well, then after breakfast we went to the church. They were doing a craft enrichment meeting with lots of ideas for games for kids. I thought, great! i'll go, I need some ideas for Christmas presents!
So, I get there a minute or 2 after 10. I didn't know if that's what time it is supposed to start or not, but it was. I was the only one there besides the lady who was in charge of the event. . .

There was supposed to by toys to play with, well the lady who works in the nursery had something come up, so there was an empty gym for the kids to run around in!

I knew that wouldn't last long. . .

Then a few minutes later, as Savanna was using the bathroom, Shawn called me. I know he only gets to call once or twice a week, so even though the kids were being loud, I tried my best to be able to talk to him and hear what he was saying.

So after leaving AJ in the nursery while we talked cause he was screaming the entire time, I went back to the enrichment activity, where two other ladies had come and two teenagers. So, it's a good thing they had come or else, the leader may have already left. . .

Well, I got a ton of great ideas. So, that's wonderful.

I put the kids in bed at 6 today. Savanna didn't have a nap and AJ missed his morning nap, so I figured they need a little extra sleep. I got the dishes done after that. I still have a horrible disaster in my dining room, but I will work on that.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I thought it would be fun to add some pictures from last year!

1. Wrapp​ing paper​ or gift bags?​
Wrapping paper definitely!
2. Real tree or artif​icial​?​
Real all the way. Although, I haven't put one up since I've been married i don't think, besides the einsie weinsie one we had last year.
3. When do you put up the tree?​
I would do it the day after Thanksgiving if I had the choice.
4. When do you take the tree down?​
After Christmas, before New Years
5. Do you like egg nog?
Ya, but I don't like the flavored kind
6. Favor​ite gift recei​ved as a child​?​
I don't know. (Hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings)
7. Do you have a nativ​ity scene​?​
Nope, I'd like to get one (someday)
8. Harde​st perso​n to buy for?
Dad, he can always tell you what you got him before he unwraps it.
9. Easie​st perso​n to buy for?
I guess the kids, not sure.
10. Worst​ Chris​tmas gift ever recei​ved?​
I always seem to get socks for Christmas, but I need them, so I guess that's not that bad.
11. Mail or email​ Chris​tmas card?​
Sometimes I mail them, I was thinking about emailing this year, but I don't think I'll be able to do either.
12. Favor​ite Chris​tmas Movie​?​
I think it's called a Christmas Story (you'll shoot your eye out)
13. When do you start​ shopp​ing for Chris​tmas?​
Well, I use Christmas as an excuse to buy things all year round does that count?!?!?!
14. Have you ever recyc​led a Chris​tmas prese​nt?​
15. Favor​ite thing​ to eat at Chris​tmas?​
Those chocolate star candies my mom puts in peanut butter crinkles
16. Clear​ light​s or color​ed on the tree?​
Colored on the tree.
17. Favor​ite Chris​tmas song?
Christmas shoes
18. Trave​l at Chris​tmas or stay home?
Maybe next year I'll be able to stay home, but for now and the past while, we travel.
19. Can you name Santa'​s reindeer?​
20. Do you have an Angel​ on top or a star?​
Last year was a bow, but I think I'd do a star.
21. Open the presents Chris​tmas Eve or morning?​
Christmas morning depending on the situation. We always do our Jesus gifts on Christmas Eve.
22. Most annoy​ing thing​ about​ this time of year?
Not being able to spend it with my whole family.

Visiting Becca

We went to Becca's house the other night. AJ brought her shoes to me, so I put them on him!! On top of his shoes of course!! It was so cute. He walked so careful in them so he wouldn't fall down!

Now he is trying to get into the diaper bag and see what's in there to play with!

Just hanging out at home! Savanna put her crown on AJ, he thought it was pretty cool.

Playing at Becca's work!

AJ loves to sweep! We went to visit Becca at work yesterday and I caught some cute pictures of him sweeping the floor. As you can see, Savanna likes to spin in the chair!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, church was great today. Actually I was able to get to about half of sacrament meeting, and almost all of Relief Society. Just as the sacrament was about to be passed Savanna said she needed to go potty. Sometimes this is just a reason to get out of this adult meeting, so I told her she needed to wait until after sacrament was over. AJ started acting up, otherwise she would have been fine waiting, so we went to the bathroom. Then we found a seat in the hall (which never happens, people are always sitting on the couches and there is no where for us to sit) but, this time there was. Savanna and AJ say pretty quietly, then we took Savanna to nursery, which she loves. I sat in sunday school for about 5 minutes before AJ decided he'd had enough. We walked the halls and he tried to take the water fountain off the wall. I didn't want to lift him up every second when I had a cup of water for him in my hand. He played a little in the space between the outside door and the inside door. At the beginning of Relief Society, he ALMOST fell asleep, but no luck. The last half (or so) he sat quietly on the chair next to me and colored with a red pen on a notepad of paper that I had in my bag. He also managed to draw a couple lines across his face. He got restless about the last 5 minutes, just as the teacher was finishing up. It was a great lesson though. . . about the 2nd coming and signs of the times. It seems like every time I get to Relief Society, we have the same teacher, but I enjoy her lessons probably the best of any teacher I've had in Relief Society. We picked up Savanna a couple minutes early, I'm sure her teachers didn't mind. Then we headed home. It turned cold today even though it rained all day yesterday, so maybe winter is coming!
We are planning on spending Christmas in Florida. . . We will visit Shawn's family there. And maybe even be able to head right out to Las Vegas after that. We are just waiting on renters. . . So, by the new year, we could be back in 70 degree weather!!!!
I pray that everyone is safe in California with the wild fires raging, especially because Uncle Cody lives there.
Yesterday afternoon I made some pumpkin-chocolate chip-raisin-walnut cookies which turned out fantastic, and with the rest of the can of pumpkin, I made a half batch of pumpkin bars! Even better than the cookies, I always like pumpkin bars!!! I better share some or else. . . You know!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The 3 of us!

Okay, I had a request for pictures of me, so here goes!

I just thought this picture is hilarious! Caught him in the act, and I wonder who he learned this from!?!?!??!?! This was on halloween day. I ran inside to get something and Savanna added the beautiful red to his camo makeup on his face!

Savanna wanted me to take a picture of her and her baby.

Mommy kisses!

This was on sunday. Ever since we moved out to Virginia (late September), our ward meets at 11 am and we are always ready for church no later than 10. SO. . . I decided to get out the camera and take some pictures. This was November 2nd. Thank goodness for a timer on my camera! Or you would never know I existed (besides the photos Savanna takes of me)

AJ and mommy. Taken by the big sister!

Savanna and mommy

Hugs and giggles!

More hugs

Hey, at least they are both looking at the camera at the same time!

Videos for DADDY

I finally caught AJ on camera saying UH OH. Isn't it great.I thought it is time to upload some videos for daddy! SO THIS IS FOR YOU SHAWN! Hope you enjoy!

Virginia Beauty (Autumn)

A couple of days at the park.

AJ's gloves stayed on the whole time!!! I thougt that was pretty good. I guess he likes his hands to stay warm!

There is a park that we live close to. It's called Penny Park. We walk there often. This day happened to be a cold one, but the kids still loved it!

Today is Saturday

It looks like winter, but of course not! I guess I missed fall, I will post some pictures!

Well, it's saturday! That means we are supposed to go outside and play and have fun. But. . . Well, it's a little wet outside. I woke up hearing the rain dumping on the house. Virginia rain is a little different than what I grew up with in Washington state! I love the rain! I makes the whole world seem so clean. But, it's windy too. And it's been going all day, so I thought I'd share a few pictures. It's actually pretty warm outside, but not a day to go and play!