Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update. . . Daddy

Play this video>>>>>>Playing airplane.
We decorated outside the house for daddy's arrival! Savanna made footprints up to the door, we put up some posters, and painted on the driveway! Great and messy fun!

Play this video>>>>>>>AJ was so cute with the noisemaker a friend gave us! He worked so hard trying to make it work, but mostly just made the sound himself, here he is making it work and making the sound! Enjoy.
Security Forces carrying the kids across the rocks.
We got to the flight line and then>> We waited. . .

And Waited. . .
And played, and waited some more. . .

And ate, and waited some more. . .

Finally the buses arrive
Daddy was one of the first ones off on the first bus.
AJ was a little nervous at first, but once daddy started blowing in the noisemaker, everything was alright!

We are so thankful for daddy and all the hard work he does to keep our country safe! We are especially thankful for his safe return from Iraq!
Walking up to the house, now you can see all the decorations.

A few days ago I asked Savanna to go and get dressed, well this is what I got!
A beautiful day at the park! It's been windy a lot lately, but the temperature is wonderful! So, we like to spend a lot of time at the park, on this particular day, we played with Will and James Bennett.

AJ won't put my wallet down for anything, not even to hold onto the swing!

Savanna and Will
AJ sprawled out playing in the toy bucket.
AJ and Athena sitting on the cushy chairs.


NaDell said...

I'm so glad Shawn is safely home.
Are you going to stay so far away?
What's the plan now?

Trish said...

Well, I consider us close to home, at least compared to the past, but we really don't choose where we go or what our plans will be, when we get orders, we will let everyone know, otherwise, just consider us staying here for the time being!

Elizabeth and Tyler said...

I am excited for you. Tyler only leaves for a week at a time, and it is still hard. I don't even have little ones to look after. He is going to Vegas soon. I can't go with him because of my classes, but I have been thinking about you a lot. I hope your doing well. It's always wonderful to have the family together. Love ya Trish.

Amanda XOX said...

Yay for having hubby and daddy back home safe! Welcome home!! We're glad you're home and safe and back with family. Thanks for serving our wonderful country.