Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fallen tree

Today AJ got out Savanna's barbie car that dad got her for her birthday and decided it looked like a good seat! Haha, he even tries to ride it! Do you think he is too big for this mini car? Sorry the video is so dark, but it was too cute not to post!

Swimming in Kanab!

So, Shawn's sister Mariah graduated from Kanab High School this last weekend, so we went up there to visit. Congrats girl! You did it!!!!
The pictures aren't the best, my camera wasn't doing too well.
AJ trying to keep Elena quiet!
Sorry this isn't the best shot, but all the other were blurring or too dark to tell what it was!
Like this one.

It started at 7 which is AJ's bed time, so he was a little tired. Here he is using my purse for a pillow, silly kid!

I won 2nd place for my blueberry muffins at a Relief Society meeting last week. The kids are watching them bake, they were hungry! and just couldn't wait patiently at the table!

This is the other dress that Grandma Kacky made for Savanna! Isn't it so cute!

It was windy 2 Friday's ago, and out tree practically fell down, well the largest branch at least! It's been covering the garden for 2 weeks, I called maintenance the day it fell, so since they aren't doing their job, I cut it down today, maybe I will remember and post another picture tomorrow.
AJ fell asleep on the couch sitting up! Pretty cute.

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