Thursday, October 20, 2011

GOING ON'S OF 2011-in no particular order

My phone camera isn't that great, but you can tell who's in this picture, no need to explain!
Brayden about 1 1/2 months old. Not sure if that's a smile or a frown, they are pretty similar.
We went to the Puyallup fair in September, the kids got to wear the fire coats and hold the hose.
Savanna broke her arm (run in with the monkey bars) on August 29th.

My birthday, we went to dinner, this is my cake. Oops, I blew out the candle before Shawn got a picture. And yes, we took pictures of each other, not with each other, hmmmm.

In June Savanna graduated from Kindergarten. She learned so much once we had moved to WA. She had a great teacher. She loves school, good thing cause she doesn't have a choice.  .  .

AJ doesn't take a nap anymore, but sometimes (most of the time) he really still needs a nap). This must have been one awesome bagel, cause he fell asleep with it in hand on the kitchen floor.
In June on our way back home from a trip, we stopped at an old mormon fort in Southern Utah.

Every so often, Savanna loses a tooth, happened to get a photo of this one.

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Christina said...

Cute baby!!! WAs Savanna excited to have a cast once her arm stopped hurting? Your kids are growing up fast... I like seeing pictures. Thanks!