Monday, December 8, 2008

The Last 2 Weeks

Well, it has been a while since I've posted, and we've had a long few days in the last 2 weeks! So, this is a really long post, but enjoy our journey from Buena Vista, Virginia to Kanab, Utah!
Sunday waiting for church time!

My little posing girl.
Drawing on a piece of paper.

Trying to get AJ to hold still for a picture. Ended up with a tackle move!

Standing on the counter. (Yes I let my kids stand on the counter)

Once AJ was on the counter, Savanna had to get up there too.

Okay, while I was cleaning up the house, Savanna decided she wanted to get into my makeup and put some on.

This is the beautiful end result!

She was so proud of her work.

A close-up.

Then of course AJ needed some blush. He was so happy about it too!

AJ brought my shoe to me and wanted to wear it. So, Savanna took a picture of him.

One of mama's shoes and one of AJ's shoes!

He walks so carefully so he doesn't fall over.

Savanna found a paint stick in the cupboard. She decided it would work great as a nail file! Hahaha

Lovin' the vacuum

I told AJ it was time to get dressed. He went in my room and brought me this shirt. So, I put it on him.

On Wednesday, we decided to come back out to Utah and stay with Grandma and Grandpa Rhinehart until we can get back in a house on base.
This was Thanksgiving day, Savanna decided that we were going to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house, so she set the table.
We had meatballs for lunch, so she gave one to everybody.
I thought it was so cute.

Our trip began to Utah! We left on Friday about noon after finishing up getting the house cleaned and the car all packed up! It was a "fun" trip. I don't think I ever want to do it again! But, we made it out here safe and the car drove well. We stayed 2 nights in hotels. And arrived in Kanab about 6:30 pm on Sunday night. I took some pictures along the way. I know, I know.

Interesting cross on the side of the road.

This is what happens when you give your camera to your 3 year old and let her take some pictures.

And again

Welcome to Tennessee

There were 4 of these small office looking modular homes in a row on the interstate.
This was in Memphis, TN

The bridge between Tennessee and Arkansas

I don't remember why, but Savanna wanted me to take a picture of her fingers.

Cool looking church.

I kinda missed half of the Oklahoma sign, so I took this one below also.

Oklahoma city

Awesome water park slide.

This is for my brother Daniel. He rode out with us when we moved to Virginia, and we saw all these huge windmills.


The sun is going down.

Beautiful sunset.

We passed the Texas border after dark.

Then we passed into New Mexico a couple hours later.

Las Vegas, New Mexico, sorry wrong one. would have been nice about this time to be getting into Las Vegas.

This is for Papa Pete.

And everyone in Washington.

These clouds were so pretty, they made the top of the mountain disappear.

We came up over this hill, I thought this was really pretty.

I missed the Utah sign, sorry. It came up on me too fast!

Crazy Aunt Mariah! We are so glad to be back and have help and people to talk to!

This was on the fence outside Grandpa and Grandma Rhinehart's house.

Last Wednesday was the church Christmas dinner. AJ loved his roll. He ate it with his fork, pretty cute!!

Crazy photo of Savanna

AJ loves to "talk" on my phone.

AJ likes to wear Grandma Kacky's cowboy boots.

Here's my tummy! Okay my santa belly!!

And these are my teeth. AJ has recently got his first set of molars, but hasn't yet got his "fang" teeth, so it's really cute cause he has a gap between! I hope he will get them soon.

Posing for the camera.

I think the boots are a little too tall for his little legs, he fell down in them.

AJ likes to climb up the stairs.

We went to a fair type event where they had a lot of booths kinda like a bazaar. Savanna got her hand painted with a red heart.

We put the Christmas tree up last week and put a strand of lights on it, but just yesterday got a chance to put up all the ornaments. It was really fun!

Mariah "won" she got to put the angel on. I guess this is always a contest! Or something?!?!?!!?!?!?!


The Theobalds said...

Wow what a crazy time for you driving all the way to Utah from Virginia! Your kids are so adorable and getting so grown up! Hope things are well!

Mary said...

I'm glad you are safely with Shaun's family for the holidays. It was fun to see all the border pictures. I didn't do that when we drove across the country last Summer. Didn't even think of it.