Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crazy Kiddos

When I woke up this morning and opened the blinds, I saw a package on the front porch! So, I told Savanna to go look outside, so she brought it in. What a surprise. An early Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Rhinehart (and family). Which we really needed because we are all freezing out here. I didn't realize how much colder than Vegas it is. . . Well, I knew it would be cold, but I just didn't think about packing extras like gloves and hats!

This is a picture of the kids game that we made. This one is the example. We used contact paper on frozen juice can lids and stickers on the other side to make a matching game. Then put a hole in the top of a peanut butter jar to hold the pieces. AJ thought the game was just fine being a dump out and put back in the jar game!

AJ taking out his superman hat!

AJ trying to get what's inside. I guess these pictures are a little backwards in order! HAHA

Savanna showing me her gloves!

Savanna helping AJ to open his present.

Well. . . Today has been one of those days! First of all to start the day. Savanna comes out of her room with a cup of apple juice that has been in her room for a while. She says to me, "mommy, that apple juice is nasty. I tried it and it tastes like apple juice sprite!" I guess you can all know what that means! I'm giving my kids fermented apple juice to drink! Haha. Well, then after breakfast we went to the church. They were doing a craft enrichment meeting with lots of ideas for games for kids. I thought, great! i'll go, I need some ideas for Christmas presents!
So, I get there a minute or 2 after 10. I didn't know if that's what time it is supposed to start or not, but it was. I was the only one there besides the lady who was in charge of the event. . .

There was supposed to by toys to play with, well the lady who works in the nursery had something come up, so there was an empty gym for the kids to run around in!

I knew that wouldn't last long. . .

Then a few minutes later, as Savanna was using the bathroom, Shawn called me. I know he only gets to call once or twice a week, so even though the kids were being loud, I tried my best to be able to talk to him and hear what he was saying.

So after leaving AJ in the nursery while we talked cause he was screaming the entire time, I went back to the enrichment activity, where two other ladies had come and two teenagers. So, it's a good thing they had come or else, the leader may have already left. . .

Well, I got a ton of great ideas. So, that's wonderful.

I put the kids in bed at 6 today. Savanna didn't have a nap and AJ missed his morning nap, so I figured they need a little extra sleep. I got the dishes done after that. I still have a horrible disaster in my dining room, but I will work on that.

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Kirsten and Jon said...

Yeah I'm glad you are back safe in the west. What a drive that must have been all by yourself. You do what you have to I guess. So you got renters in your house? Hopefully you can get a house on base soon. Aurie is moving off base, maybe you can move into her new base housing house.