Friday, May 1, 2009

Back yard and garden

I realize the deck is crowded with stuff, but I am working on that. You can see that our garden is right here at the bottom of the picture, it's at the edge of the lawn.
Last sunday I took some pictures, and it's already grown a lot since then, I'll have to update soon. . . We have one row of peas, 1/2 row of beans, 1/2 row of carrots, and one little hill of either cucumber or zucchini-one came up and the other didn't, annd I don't remember which I planted where. . .



This is either broccoli or spinach, anyone know which one???

I've been trying to get the backyard looking nice, well here's some pictures, still some things to work on, but we're getting there!

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The Jenkins Family said...

so im going to recruit you to come and help me work on mine. I have a black thumb. :O) it looks good