Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have been working on some quilts for a humanitarian project that our ward is doing. We are making 100 quilts. I know the young women are tying them, and I am not sure who is sewing them together, but we were asked to make the quilt tops out of fabric that someone had donated. It was pretty fun designing and then putting these quilts together, I am glad that I am finished though, so now maybe I can get back to my housework! This was my favorite one because of the zoo animals. As you can see, I used the extra yellow checkered fabric from the blue and yellow quilt below.

This one is just plain ugly, but I'm sure someone will be very warm using it.

I did this one first, so it probably turned out the worst, I get better as I go along. . . But, it's still better than that pink and purple one!

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NaDell said...

I kinda like that pink and purple one. It's not bad, just a little crazy. Some little girl will LOVE it!
Good work!