Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, in the move I still haven't uncovered the hiding place of my camera cord so I can post photos from the last forever. . .
BUT, my friend asked me to come take some pictures at the place she works, so here goes!!!

Can you tell my son has a piece of pretzel in his mouth!! Oh well, cute smile anyway!

We got this shot the first time. . . the first shot. . . the first sit. . . Well, lets just say we are very happy with the photos!
If anyone is wondering. . . We got these photos taken at Kiddie Kandids. It was in the mall in Henderson, but I think a lot of Toys R Us and Babies R Us may have them inside the store. That's where we got our family pictures last fall. I highly recommend this place. They print the pictures right there, and they are ready in 10 minutes. It's great!
Hopefully I will find my cord soon, so I can update from the past couple weeks!!!


Mommydew said...

Cute pictures! I love Kiddie Kandids too!

Milton and Christen Crowther and Family said...

Cute kids. Thats amazing that a group picture turned out on the first one. Thats a once in a life time event.

Kirsten and Jon said...

Those pics are SO cute! I've never been to Kiddie Kandids but I've always wanted to go.

JK said...

Hey Trish!!!!

Wow your kids are so cute! I love how long Savana's hair is, and if a pretzel gets them to smile it is so worth such a handsome one. Looks like you are staying busy, sorry it took me awhile to find your blog, I saw a comment on Melissa's and said "Trish!!!" Sorry ours is private but if you email me I'd love to send you an invite to it! I'm glad you are doing well, you look great! Take care and hope to hear from you soon! your cousin-in-law Kari Thomas Crowther