Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, for all of you waiting, not that there are any of you, I finally found my cord for my camera, so here goes the last week or so!

I think AJ would have pushed this around and around and around. . .
One room down. . . Well, I kinda got this all unpacked. I guess the computer doesn't really go well in a dining room, but rather than a bedroom, I thought this would be a good choice. Also if you notice, the placemats that lisa made for me a couple years ago, and the table runner from Mom last year around Valentine's day! Thanks for your loving from the sewing machine!

OKAY, so I watched my son climb up on this chair, then proceed to feed the baby the bottle as well as himself!!! He gets down okay, but now he wants to climb up on the table too. . . I think I better keep the chairs pushed in!
Like my cousin's wife, I also had to get my kids all ready for church by myself. You'd think it would get easier the more you do it, but no, it doesn't. We got a couple pictures snapped then headed off to church, luckily our church is at 11, so we usually have time to spare!

Well, the other day the kids were in the bath, and I ran in the kitchen real quick. I heard Savanna say AJ got out, then I turn to come see what's going on on there comes AJ running down the hall. . . So, I got his towel, dried him off and got his diaper on. I went back in to see what Savanna was doing. Then as I was cleaning the toilets, he managed to get back in the tub. Let's just say diapers hold a lot of water!

Last Sunday Grandma Kacky was here with us and she did AJ's hair! He is such a handsome little guy!

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Milton and Christen Crowther and Family said...

Cute pictures! We hope everything is going good for you.