Saturday, January 3, 2009


We went to visit my Grandma Zora Nash Crowther's cousin yesterday. Her name is Lola Ottley. Lola lives in Kanab, UT which is where we are currently living with Shawn's parents. She loves to have the kids come and the kids love to go and play with her toys.

The kids like to play with Lola's walking stick.

From the first day we went to visit Lola, AJ found her sweeper vacuum thing, and ever since then he plays with it every time we go there.

Savanna and AJ and Lola play catch with this green soft ball.

Lola loves to sing to AJ and let him "dance" on her leg.

AJ got this dump wagon for Christmas-I didn't know it was for kids, I thought it was just for toys to go in!!! But, he sure likes to be pulled around in it!

AJ likes to sweep, vacuum, mop and especially mess up the pile that we already swept up!

I went to get AJ from his nap one day and I guess there is a lot of static around here!

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NaDell said...

I didn't even know about Grandma's cousin. Where does she live? It's always good to have a substitute grandma!