Sunday, January 25, 2009

What to do??

Well, it's 9:22 and we are all ready to go to church, but we can't because it doesn't start until 11. . . So, here I am posting something. . .
We went to a fun Valentine craft event for deployed families yesterday. The kids had so much fun. . .

I caught AJ climbing up on the chair and table!
AJ learned how to play peek-a-boo, well he puts his hands over his eyes. It's pretty cute.
They made time capsules with wood, nails, hammer, stickers. It was so fun. Savanna did a very good job and loved using the hammer. AJ mostly just watched, but he thought banging with the hammer was pretty fun too.

Savanna made a candy necklace.

We made foam door hangers with stickers, and glitter glue paint. We also made a gift bag to carry all the things we made, and frosted cookies, of course both kids ate theirs right away!

Just a picture of AJ standing on the table, something he learned how to climb onto last week.
AJ's room is ready, not that he hasn't been sleeping in it, but I am just now getting photos up.

This is Savanna's bed when we have visitors over who sleep in her normal bed.

I guess I need to put some pictures on the walls, they are looking a little bare!

Jumping on the bed is so fun!
Okay, it's 10 now, I guess I should start getting in the car! Ha

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