Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DC-October 2008

I know this is from October, but I was just looking through some pictures, so I thought I'd put these up. We took Daniel to DC to fly back to WA after he helped us drive out to Virginia and fix up our house. So, we went downtown on the public tram thingy, and we also drove up to the temple. At the temple grounds.
I guess these are the only 2 pictures of Daniel that I took.

Flamingo Flamingo. This was at the National Zoological Park

Pandas and Bamboo


Angel Moroni

The White House


Mary said...

That's a beautiful Temple and your kids are so cute posing by it. And I'm sure Daniel had fun going with you.

JK said...

Wow you have some beautiful pictures. I think Savana has her mom's smile. -Kari