Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

My sister-in-law Kelley came down for a little "vacation" and we watched her daughter for a couple days. I got this walker for Elena, but I think AJ thought it was for him. It was pretty funny after he climbed in cause he couldn't get out, so he picked it up and walked in the kitchen so I could help him get out! Haha, crazy little boy.

Savanna loved helping with Elena, she especially liked feeding her. At least until she passed bubbles out the wrong end, and then it was definitely mom's turn!

So, AJ is trying to hold Elena, and Savanna looks like she ______ (fill in the blank), but this is the best picture I got of all three of the cousins. I guess I've been successful at getting 2 kids to look at the camera at the same time, but 3 is a little too much for me, I guess I need to practice more!

I made heart pancakes the day before Valentine's Day.

We had a Valentine's party and invited some of Savanna's friends over to decorate cookies and make pretzels. Of course I did this really so I could have my friends over and be able to talk to someone taller than 4 feet (well most of the ladies were taller) HAHA just kidding!

I got lazy and the dough was rising, so I rolled it out and made some into hearts.

AJ pushing Grace and Savanna on the tricycle. That's one strong boy.

Savanna and Grace-Grace is moving to Colorado tomorrow, so we will miss her!

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jemmettclan said...

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun...Shawn and Heather called us after you stopped by and said how cool it was that you took them cookies...they were pretty excited. I still can't believe how small this world is.