Monday, February 9, 2009

Ducky's gunna get you!

Read all the way to the bottom for a special get-together invite if you're interested!

Well, we got this little ducky bath mitt, and the kids love to play with it! AJ even moves his fingers like the "ducky" should! So, I thought in all my free time I should take some pictures.
AJ loves ducky!

My handsome little guy. It was so cold today, and by that I mean less than 50 degrees! Haha, so we were all bundled up. We've had rain the last 3 days and it's been really windy, which of course the wind is nothing new to "the windy city" but the rain doesn't happen very often.

You can see AJ's hands moving cause Ducky moves inside that fabric! Sorry for the nudity!

I got my taxes done today-the base has a tax office that does them for free! SO WORTH THE TIME IT TOOK. . . Read on:

My appointment was at 1230, so I figured I go a little early just in case they weren't running behind. Well, I didn't have to wait at all, and went right back to the office where the consultant puts all the information into the computer.

Then you go back to the waiting area while the "real" tax professional goes over the return to make sure everything looks kosher.

At about 340, I left the office, my taxes were done! Which included Schedule A, C and E! Rental property, and home daycare business. There is no way I would have been completed with them without paying someone. So, I highly recommend you (if you live at Nellis AFB-which is where I am) call and get an appointment-which right now is not until the middle of March, so if you want them done quick, maybe you should go pay for it! Ha, I wouldn't ever do that!

Also, if you live in Las Vegas, I'd like to invite you over on Saturday to decorate valentine cookies. We are doing it from 10-12, so come on over-let the kids play and get messy and well live!. . . But just for my info, please can you hit me up with a comment or email so I can have enough stuff for everyone!

At the very beginning of this video you can here AJ say "cheese" for the camera! Ducky gets to quack a lot!


K Green said...

oh man that would be fun!!

JK said...

Hey Trish! Thanks for the videos. Kaitlyn and Jared love watching them (over and over... silly kids) Hope you have a happy Valentines. -Kari C.

Milton and Christen Crowther and Family said...

Your kids are so cute. I love seeing your pictures.