Monday, March 23, 2009

Ball pit, pillowcase, swimming!

Picnic in the ball pit!

I'm putting the videos on the top!!! Enjoy!

Just another day at the park! Spring is finally here! Although this weekend has been windy and cold, it's been in the 80s all last week! It's beautiful!
Savanna dressed herself for church today! Decked out with 2 shirts, a cute skirt and flip flops.

After we came home from the park this morning, Savanna was hungry, so she made herself a sandwich without ANY help. Here it is, cream cheese and mozzarella!

So excited about it!

Geneil and Josh came into town and spent yesterday evening and this morning with us, we stopped by the plane park on base just before they left.

AJ all decked out in his new church attire that I got from the Airman's attic-2 full outfits, never been worn-including white shirt, tie, vest and pants! In his size, perfect!

I put together this little table runner thing the other night! Turned out beautiful!

AJ got pretty darn tired after coloring out pillowcase for daddy, he was just sitting here for a little while, so I thought it'd be perfect for a picture!

Savanna got shrek!
They even fed everyone lunch, it was great! Mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, egg rolls, and much more, they even had cake and ice cream as well as popsicles!
AJ coloring on the pillowcase, or rather trying to climb up on the table while mommy was taking the picture.

I pushed AJ all the way in cause he kept climbing up on the table.
Savanna had such a fun time coloring on daddy's pillowcase.

Even big girls cry sometimes, I can't remember now why she was crying, but she's all better now!

Out first swim day!
It probably wasn't really warm enough, but it was fun, AJ napped while the girls played!

Just some pictures of the living room and playroom, it's really one big room, but it works great!


NaDell said...

Looks like you guys are busy.
It's sweet that you get to do little projects like that to send to Shawn.
I can't believe you broke out the swimming pool already! I hold off as long as I can, so I don't have to fill and dump the pool over and over.

nightriderbrat said...

They look so cute in their Sunday closes. I love AJ's outfit!

BlueJ said...

How in the world do I get those videos on to my blog, too?!