Monday, March 16, 2009

Imagine this

In church-sacrament meeting yesterday the Relief Society and the Young Women sang a musical number.
We sang A Child's Prayer. We've been practicing for a couple weeks during the practice hymn time in RS.
It was pretty good. . .
Well, the thing is everyone doesn't have someone to watch their children while we sang. . .
Okay, so I was probably the only one who sang that didn't have someone to watch their kids. BUT. . .
I brought "special" snacks hoping my kids would stay in the bench-fruit snacks, which usually works, but I guess not this time.
So, by the time we started singing, AJ was already out in the middle of the isle looking for me.
Knowing that I was probably up with all the other women, he walked up to the stand. I can't believe someone didn't pick him up before they did, but oh well.
An 18 month old little boy walking around looking for his mother.
Blanket in one hand being dragged behind and fruit snacks in the other! I can't remember if he had his pacifier or not, maybe that too, actually probably. Haha
He made it all the way up to the stage and the visiting high councilman picked him up and held him 'till we were finished.
You'd think being a military ward someone would have thought about the fact that my husband is deployed, but I guess not.
It was pretty funny!

Well, actually church was really good. I don't think I'll be answering my phone for a couple weeks unless I know who is calling though! Our RS president was released and no one was called in her place! Haha again.
And for once, I made it through church WITHOUT having to change a poopy diaper.
I told AJ before church that he wasn't allowed to poop till we got home! I guess he knew what I was talking about! HAHA again, again!

I guess I better get my house cleaned up! I've got a lot to do before Shawn gets back which could be soon, hopefully sooner than later!


JK said...

That is a funny story, Kaitlyn just about climbed over the bench to see a baby this week in church. When they announced the baby's mom would be singing I asked if I could steal her baby from her. Little did she know it was more to help Kaitlyn be reverent than to help her out. :P It was fun though.

Tina Crowther said...

I also enjoyed your story of A.J. When we sing in the choir, we make sure Christopher has somebody to watch him, I don't trust him... he wouldn't know where to come look for us! Your kids are soo cute!

NaDell said...

That's always one of the things you worry about during sacrament meeting. Now he knows how fun it is up there too, which might make the next time even harder.
Good luck, amazing woman!