Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Say "cheese"!

I guess it's time I update my blog. I'm tired of looking at the same old thing everytime i get on! We went to Kanab last week and spent a lot of time at the park. It was so fun and great to get out of the big city for a couple days! If you look on the back part of the airplane, you will see USAF!

AJ can finally play on things by himself. He didn't want to get off the airplane. Sorry, it's windy so the video isn't the best.

The "other" Kanab park, and I think the better one, but the kids liked the older one better!

AJ had so much fun climbing on everything. He wasn't so fond of being pushed down the slide though!

AJ walked through this opening at least 10 times before he got bored and did something else, pretty good for a little boy!

AJ loved playing the piano!

I wanted to get a video of him playing the piano, but all he wanted to do was look at the camera and say "cheese!"
He can't get down off the bench, so he would sit there forever just playing away!

We went to the Ethel M Chocolate factory in Henderson. . . After taking the "scenic" route! Haha-the construction route!
Savanna is "reading" one of the signs at the cactus garden. It was pretty funny. I guess she thought the signs said not to touch the cactus!! Haha.
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures in the chocolate factory, so all you get is pictures from the cactus garden. And water fountain-which I am pretty sure is the waste water from the factory!

I guess I lied, I did take a picture inside the chocolate factory!
We got our first "pets." A friend who was moving gave us their 3 fish. According to Savanna the brown one is lettuce, I can't remember the other names and she is asleep already.


K Green said...

we have been to that park in Kanab the one filled with rubber chips!!! a couple years ago on the 4th of July my BIL lived there and loves the 4th of july there so even though they live in MN now they still like to go there on the 4th and they invited us up that year!

Danica Marie said...

Ethel's Chocolate??? Mmmmmmm they have a few of the lounges up here and they are sooooo heavenly :) I'm so jealous that you got to go to the actual factory... was it all pink with quotes about chocolate everywhere? Lol
Your kids are soooo stinkin adorable! I love seeing videos of kids and their sillyness (sp) :)