Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun in the sun, and giggly giggles!!!!!

This one is just for you Emily!!!!

If you listen real close, you can hear Savanna say, "William Ford" and a couple seconds later, "James Kent!!!" Hilarious!

AJ and Athena were laughing uncontrollably about nothing in particular, but of course I couldn't catch that part on video!! That would just be too easy! But this is just as cute!
Even my little boy enjoys a tea party! I think he really liked looking at the "recipe book." It was so cute every time savanna "poured" some into his cup, he would put it up to his mouth and make some kissing noises (slurping).

And while Savanna was talking on the phone to her "hunny" she was asking when her hunny would be coming home to take care of the baby. . . .

Our second swim party, hopefully i will lose count soon!!!! In top picture is Athena, AJ, and Savanna. In bottom picture is AJ, Savanna, Will and James in the background.

This is what Athena did while the others kept playing in the water! What a cutieAbove is the front of the table runners that I've made in the last couple days. Below is the 3 backs that I have done so far. I think I like the first one the best, although the other two were a lot easier and quicker!!!


The Bennett Family said...

I really enjoyed Hearing Savanah use the boys full names! No wonder they were so tired when they got home! It looks like they had way to much fun! Thanks!

Geneil said...

:-D You know, if you want the first one back, I'll trade you for one of the new ones. But you're right, it is pretty darn cute, and I like it!