Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well, Shawn called this morning! It's always great when he remembers that we are a number hours back and waits until at least 6 to call! He is doing well and about to go on another 48 hour shift at work, so I don't expect to hear from him in the next few days. I made a facebook page for him so that we could chat with each other without having to download one of the messengers. I don't know what's available on the computers that he gets to use, so I thought that would be a better way.

I fell down yesterday when I was trying to put up a curtain that I just made. Actually I was standing on a chair that I shouldn't have been standing on. The legs were being held together by wire, so I guess that wasn't the best choice! Anyway, needless to say, one of the legs broke on the chair (it was already most of the way broken) and I fell. I have a bad bruise on my left foot just above my toes and on my left elbow. And my back is very sore, but I'm doing fine. Now, I've got to go fix the whole that I made in the wall when I fell.

I guess yesterday wasn't the best day ever. I also baked some potatoes for lunch. Well, I've always stabbed the potatoes before cooking, but I never thought they would actually blow up. Well out of the 6 potatoes that I baked (I didn't stab any) one of them blew up in the oven!! Well, good thing my oven is nice and easy to clean. I guess I won't think lightly of stabbing potatoes anymore!!

I guess I'll just hope today will be a better day!
The kids went to bed yesterday at 5:30. I was expecting them to get up an hour or so later, but I guess not sleeping well the night before caught up to them! They slept until I woke them up a little after 7 this morning! That's just great. I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up and the grated potato cleaned up out of my oven.

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