Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Food!

A couple of days have past since I've updated this! Well, I'll start with today since it's the freshest in my mind. We all slept real good last night. The kids went to bed before 7 and I went soon after because we had the flu over the weekend, so we were still trying to get our bodies back fully. I woke up around 8 this morning, Savanna shortly after and since she left her bedroom door open, AJ woke up also. Not bad though, we all slept all night without disruption. I got on Facebook, and happened to see that Shawn was on. I try to keep my page open all the time so if he can't get a phone, he can probably get online in the library. Sometimes chatting online is better than on the phone, plus he is only supposed to call for 10 minutes or so, and he can be on the computer for about an hour. I've been looking into online schools so that I can get my Masters in Education. I've been looking a few different places, but since my Bachelor's degree is nationally accredited, it's not accepted by regionally accredited schools, so it looks like I am going to have to take a year and transfer in as many credits from my previous college to get another Bachelor's which will be Regionally accredited. This is fine by me, because I can get more federal grants if I am only working on a Bachelors degree.

I have been very lazy in meals lately, not only because I was sick, but just because. So, I decided today that we were going to have a great meal. I made spaghetti (that actually had meat in it) and a great salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, and those little baby corns. My kids love them. When I had all the food on the table Savanna was so excited, she said this looks like a great meal! I think we need to eat better all the time. We usually just have mac-n-cheese or sandwiches or something like that.

Okay, back to Saturday. We went to the SVU football game. In the past the games have always been at 1 pm. After half time I don't have to pay to get in, so I happened to be outside and I heard the speakers up at the school. So, I knew there was a game going on. So, we loaded up in the car. It was almost 4, so I figured we'd be there for maybe an hour for the last part of the game. Well, it turns out the game didn't start until 3. . . There goes my plan on getting in free. So, I paid the $6 (you'd think alumni would get a discount) to get in and got Savanna and AJ a hot dog. And a cheeseburger for me. (not the best dinner, but oh well) We watched the game alone for a while, then Savanna saw one of her nursery teachers (who she loves) and so we went and sat by them. It started getting a little cold, but I didn't think nothing of it, hey I just came from Las Vegas cold feels good to me.

Well, as time went on, it got really cold, so we headed to the car a minute before the game was over (it's easier to get out of the parking lot if you leave a little early!) We came home and I put the kids to bed around 7. I went to bed a little later after doing a little clean up from the day. Around 10:30 I heard Savanna crying, so I went to check on here, and she said she threw up. And she had, it was all over her sheet. So, I took her to the bathroom. (My family was never big on the bowl thing, we just used the good old toilet). I went and took her sheet off and blanket and took them to the washer. Then I took a sleeping bag out of my closet and got her pillow and set it up at the end of my bed on the floor. I laid out a towel just in case she needed to throw up again. We slept until a little after 7. This is sunday now. She throwing up again, but now I have a tremendous headache and felt like I was going to throw up at any second also. I couldn't take any medicine because I thought it would come right up. So, I laid in bed hoping someone would call me.

A little after 8, I called my friend Tina in our ward. Her girls babysit for me and their family has had us over for dinner. I would have called my visiting teacher, but I didn't have her phone number not did I know where it was. So, Tina called Amy my visiting teacher, and they came over to help me. Amy took AJ and Tina's girls took shifts helping Savanna and cleaning up my house. That was so nice of them, I would have had an enormous mess if they hadn't helped me out.

What a great weekend huh!!! So, needless to say, I missed church, but hey AJ made it does that count for anything?????

The end, goodnight.

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NaDell said...

I'm so sorry you were all sick. I hate that. Throwing up is the worst. I always hated the toilet growing up, so I give my kids a bowl. At least then you don't have to smell the toilet. That always made it so much worse!
Looks like a yummy dinner too.