Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AJ dinner pictures

okay, so I just typed up my post, and then tried to add photos, and my computer shut down the internet, so here are the pictures.

This is the beautiful meal that I prepared. Yes, they were both served with spaghetti spoons! And yes, I made the salad in a cake pan, I figure it's probably a good idea to let the bowl savanna threw up in sit for a little while!

AJ loved the meal. He especially loved the baby corn!

AJ's "empty" plate, well he ate quite a bit, but I guess I need to cut his spaghetti, he sucks it up and gags on it, and then he doesn't want to eat any more!!! Then the other picture is what was on the floor. He kept throwing the spaghetti on the floor. . . Oh by the way, yes it has been cleaned up-the same day the mess was made!!!

Bath time!

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