Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, church was great today. Actually I was able to get to about half of sacrament meeting, and almost all of Relief Society. Just as the sacrament was about to be passed Savanna said she needed to go potty. Sometimes this is just a reason to get out of this adult meeting, so I told her she needed to wait until after sacrament was over. AJ started acting up, otherwise she would have been fine waiting, so we went to the bathroom. Then we found a seat in the hall (which never happens, people are always sitting on the couches and there is no where for us to sit) but, this time there was. Savanna and AJ say pretty quietly, then we took Savanna to nursery, which she loves. I sat in sunday school for about 5 minutes before AJ decided he'd had enough. We walked the halls and he tried to take the water fountain off the wall. I didn't want to lift him up every second when I had a cup of water for him in my hand. He played a little in the space between the outside door and the inside door. At the beginning of Relief Society, he ALMOST fell asleep, but no luck. The last half (or so) he sat quietly on the chair next to me and colored with a red pen on a notepad of paper that I had in my bag. He also managed to draw a couple lines across his face. He got restless about the last 5 minutes, just as the teacher was finishing up. It was a great lesson though. . . about the 2nd coming and signs of the times. It seems like every time I get to Relief Society, we have the same teacher, but I enjoy her lessons probably the best of any teacher I've had in Relief Society. We picked up Savanna a couple minutes early, I'm sure her teachers didn't mind. Then we headed home. It turned cold today even though it rained all day yesterday, so maybe winter is coming!
We are planning on spending Christmas in Florida. . . We will visit Shawn's family there. And maybe even be able to head right out to Las Vegas after that. We are just waiting on renters. . . So, by the new year, we could be back in 70 degree weather!!!!
I pray that everyone is safe in California with the wild fires raging, especially because Uncle Cody lives there.
Yesterday afternoon I made some pumpkin-chocolate chip-raisin-walnut cookies which turned out fantastic, and with the rest of the can of pumpkin, I made a half batch of pumpkin bars! Even better than the cookies, I always like pumpkin bars!!! I better share some or else. . . You know!

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ningle said...

Hi Trish-
Well, I said I'd visit your blog site, so here I am!! What a great way to be able to communicate with Shawn. Hi Shawn!! I'm not used to blogging, but I'll give it my best shot. The photos are great!! It was cool in Fort Pierce this morning - 49!! Brrrr.... This'll be short and sweet til I have time to actually write - give the kids a hug and talk to you soon.
Love, Nancy :)